Optimism with a Sense of Gratitude

Optimism with a Sense of Gratitude

As with so many people, looking back on 2020 stirs up emotions of despair and disbelief, among others. However, when I look back, as a chamber employee, I am as optimistic as ever. I became a chamber employee in October 2019. Just as I was getting the hang of things COVID hit and my job, as I knew it, came to somewhat of a halt. Networking with the business community that my husband and I had been a part of for over twenty years, meeting new people in our community face to face, talking with people as they came into the office, was suddenly no more. With those changes came the worries for our business community. However, through those worries came a renewed sense of meaning.

My husband and I have always been chamber members and we still are. I specifically remember when we decided to purchase the independent pharmacy here it was never the thought of joining the chamber depending upon what it would do for us rather than we would join the chamber because as a business in this community that’s what you do. Don’t get me wrong, I did and still do have expectations for what the chamber should do for the businesses, but it was the perspective of working together to support the community that, as a business, you’re trying to be successful in.

So, as I look back on 2020 it is with great excitement that we welcomed 33 new businesses as members! For me, this reflects the “all in this together” approach that I feel is one of the strongest elements of what a chamber is at its core. It’s a bold move to start a business or to branch out, I know. Often a scary one, I know. Our community got stronger because these businesses committed to becoming a part of our community and a part of our chamber. The words “thank you” mean so much more than the two words that they are.

With that I’d like to welcome The Design Co., Pets Go Here, Dickie Construction, Truly Affordable Health Insurance, Electric Sun & Tanning, Platinum Roofing, The Mane on Main, Moonlight Holdings, Construction Management Services, Reeve Roofing & Construction, Compass Ministries, Spectrum Business, The Styleroom Salon, Chris Cakes, Imagine Dental, Daylight Donuts, White Tail Run Winery, JJG Commercial, Assured Partners, Walmart eCommerce, Johnson County Commissioner Shirley Allenbrand, Winters Automotive & Transmission, Smoke N Seoul, Prairie Center Meats, ProLift Garage Doors, Blazers Restaurant, A Plus Lawn Care, Craig Brett Homes, Key Inspections, Corinne's Creations and Dot's Pretzels to the Chamber. We look forward to working with all of you for years to come!

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