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Distractions. Our lives overflow with them... TV, smart phones, sports, errands... it all just seems to fill the hours of our days and crowd out time to have an actual conversation, or read a book, or just sit and look out the window. When was the last time you sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee with a friend without giving a thought to what you had to do next?

Enter, Groundhouse Coffee. This is your place in the Gardner area where community ?happens.? Come in and relax awhile. Enjoy a cup of coffee, espresso, or one of our unique teas. The world will wait. Yeah, we have WiFi, we have ?to go? cups... all that. We know there?s a world that goes on out there. What we don?t have, is a rushed environment with furniture that begs you to leave. Oh, and you?ll have to watch the game someplace else too?unless you?re streaming.

Try Groundhouse once. Make it a habit; which technically implies more than once. Like the way we snuck that in there? This is a place you can make your own. You just can?t spend the night.

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